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Single DTM Session

Session is done with the conductor and after the session, an MP3 of the session is emailed to you .

  • 1 hour
  • 325 US dollars
  • Client not present

Service Description

This session includes Dani Marie going into a deep trance meditative state whereby she connects to the Akashic Records. Many people report a Quantum Meditation™ Consultation to be a transformative and insightful experience. The topics are as limitless as your imagination. Clients seek Dani Marie for her ability to go through a body, and explain what is malfunctioning, and often, what may be done to return the body to balance. This may explore the mental and emotional causes of health issues, and not merely the physical. She may also give insight into your personality through an explanation of your karma from previous experiences. Dani Marie may reveal the circumstances surrounding that pain and help you to heal it through understanding its source. Do you have particular questions regarding your own spiritual progression or your own gifts and abilities? The answer may be revealed through this type of session. Questions should be as specific as possible, to provoke the most specific answer. A generic question on health, for instance will give an overview. A question regarding a specific health concern will address that specifically. If a question is to be asked is about someone else, it is highly recommended to make sure they are ok with this prior to the session, as if they are not, when she attempts to see them, there is the possibility they may not show themselves or be willing to allow her to access the information inquired upon. We ask that you please refrain from asking questions of a financial nature, in particular asking for the outcomes of lotteries, races, etc. Thank you. Confidential transcription, MP3 and CD options of your session are available to add on, please click the transcription and cd tabs for the options you prefer prior to placing your order

Cancellation Policy

No refunds for cancellations and rescheduling is based on availability.

Contact Details

+ 8576262783

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