About Us...


Dani Marie is often told she is an old soul. She is a Mother of 5, Grammy to 4, a Brain Tumor Survivor, Avascular Necrosis Survivor and a Survivor of Domestic Abuse.

She is an Ordained Minister, Certified Quantum Reiki Master, Actress, as well as an Intuitive Consultant and Reader.


From an early age, Dāni Marie has been intuitive and empathic. Not until adulthood did she better understand what she could do helping others using her gifted mind. Under the training of Dr. Douglas James Cottrell, who has been the only successor of the late Edgar Cayce.


She honed her amazing intuitive abilities, giving readings to friends, acquaintances and she really started realizing how happy she feels doing this and how much she truly loves it, so a short while later she decided to devote her life, full-time, giving what she calls intuitive consultations to clients from all walks of life.

In hypnotic trance, Dani-Marie enters into a deep meditative state touching upon the Quantum Field as it has recently been called by physicists. When she intersects her super-conscious mind with the Quantum Field, creating a merge-point at which all consciousness and knowledge is shared, She accesses the “gateway” to higher powers of the mind such as remote viewing, ESP, empathy, clairvoyance, clairaudience,  claircognizance, clairsentience, etc. It’s here that she sees and hears, answers to any question imaginable. She is able to see deep within the body, see past, present and future events. Answers with information that have been tested and proven over and over again to be shockingly accurate.

In previous years she made handmade healing jewelry called "Loving Kindness Reiki & Jewelry"  which she originally sold at a booth in farmers markets and local events, and eventually expanding into boutiques, stores, wellness centers, as well as online.  She made these a holistic alternative for many ailments, for which she received amazing feedback and reviews for the help it gave to many customers who had a loved one or the customer themself wanted a holistic way of healing and looking good while doing it. Although she is currently not making healing jewelry, in order to focus on what she is doing now, she has Organizations of which she is a member of, both Metaphysical and Organizations that help to fight these dis-eases, to help find cures, as well as finding a means to end unnecessary violence and homelessness.