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2 Pack QEIHT Session

Experience The Life Changing QEIHT! This option is Specifically for 2 Sessions, one per week.

  • 1 h
  • 700 US dollars
  • no need to be present

Service Description

Dani Marie works with her loving Spiritual team known as "The Heart Centered Collective" whom she channels both prior to and during your healing journey, to see what can potentially be done to assist with your healing. Our sick energy body which is within the well body is what holds the ailments that plague the Physical, Emotional, Mental & Spiritual body’s and prevent them from being well & balanced. This technique has helped those who have suffered with severe pain for YEARS, be able to become pain and DIS-Ease free, helped to break down and dissolve tumors, helped with certain issues with chronic pain and within autism for instance. *THE CONSULTATION SESSION IS REQUIRED FOR THIS SERVICE* Her spiritual team stated that the purpose of this technique is to not only help humans to heal if it is part of their life path, but once you have had a session with Dani Marie, you then will ALSO have this healing technique downloaded within you as a result, and after taking her QEIHT Certification course that will be coming soon, you then will be taught and shown how to do this technique and be able to do the this on yourselves and others! The end goal being that ALL Be-Ings on this planet possess the ability to self-heal, as a result of all Be-Ings having this ability, the planet will heal! The average number of sessions needed for this technique is 3. Each exactly one week apart, with an additional period for any residual internal healing to continue, which can be anywhere from a few days to several weeks, depending upon the severity of the issue. She will be consulting with you and channeling with her guides during this entire process, as it is done energetically, she does not need to be present with you during this process. You can be anywhere in the universe and receive this energy healing. There is work you will need to do as well in order for your session’s success. You will need to keep a daily journal of any and all changes you feel within and outside your body during this time as well, no matter how big or small, in order to not only document the amazing progress taking place, but also share it with her so she knows what else if anything is needed or to make any necessary adjustments for your healing journey. This technique is a game changer, and much needed during this time in humanity. This listing is for 2 sessions specifically. If your QEIHT Consultation stated 2 Sessions, please choose this one. Each Session is 1hr

Cancellation Policy

No refunds for cancellations and rescheduling is based on availability.

Contact Details

+ 8576262783

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