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Weight Loss Crystal Bracelet:


Apatite: Considered a hunger suppressant, so it might help curb your cravings. Associated with focus, harmony, acceptance and communication. also increases the rate of your metabolism and lets you get rid of your extra pounds.


Poppy Jasper: A good weight loss stone to have on hand if you are doing weight loss program, may assist you with detoxification of your body, strong cleansing action and is helpful to cleanse kidneys and heal skin rashes.


Citrine: Helps improve digestion and nutrient adsorption which can lead to better overall health. Said to help stimulate metabolism which can aid in weight loss.


 Turquoise: One of the best crystals for weight loss that keeps you balanced and relaxed while helping to reduce stress and avoid eating excessively

    Weight Loss Support

    SKU: 7777
    • It's SUPER impirtant to do it in a HEALTHY way. here are our thoughts and ideas to help you with this, along with wearing this bracelet on the RIGHT wrist as oppose to the left ok!



      • Olive Oil
      • Oatmeal
      • Cocounut Oil
      • Whole Grains
      • Apple Cider Vinegar
      • Salmon
      • Cottage Cheese
      • Brown Rice
      • Grapefruit
      • Smoothies
      • Leafy Greens
      • Apples
      • LOTS of water with Lemon
      • Basil Seed Drink
      • Green Tea
      • Fruits
      • Yogurt
      • Dark Chocolate
      • Quinoa
      • Greek Yogurt
      • Beans
      • Egg


      Also here are some ideas as well:


      • Eat slowly
      • Batch cook & prep
      • ENJOY the food you are eating while being in the moment
      • Get enough sleep
      • make sure to work out/ go for a brisk walk
      • Keep a daily gratitude journal
      • Don't Skip meals
      • cut calories, not the flavor
      • stay hydrated
      • Give your break-fast a PROTEIN BOOST
      • try to minimize processed foods, ALL together if possible
      • eat fruit for dessert sometimes
      • meal plan
      • make a grocery list and STICK TO THE LIST
      • Meal prep
      • Read the labels
      • Eat Super Snacks
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