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QEIHT Intuitive Channeling Consultation

Dani Marie will Channel to see what QEIHT will assist with, in the healing needed/ requested

  • 1 hour
  • 150 US dollars
  • no presence is needed for this service

Service Description

THIS SERVICE IS A REQUIREMENT as Dani Marie must channel the information needed prior to doing a QEIHT Session. Please write her by email ( after completing your payment, a detailed description of the conditions/ ailments/ issues you would like the healing session to address and work on. Please make sure to include a clear photo of yourself (just the face is needed) your full name, date of birth, your current location address and phone number she is to call/ text, if needed by her, to discuss anything regarding the channeling or questions she may have for clarity. The channeling she will perform will inform her with: - what all can be worked on - what can NOT be worked on if anything, and why not -how many sessions the healing will take to complete, which are performed 7 days apart, usually 3 or more depending upon the severity of the issues - how many weeks total for the healing to be completed, which can be anywhere from 3 weeks to 3 months or more, depending upon the severity of the condition/ ailment and depth of the healing, as the body continues to acclimate the healing during and after the sessions are done - and any additional information "The Heart Centered Collective" with whom she works with very closely and who work through her for your healing sessions, feel you need to know or be aware of. They will also address any work that will need to be done on YOUR part, if any, for your session to be successful as well. If this is required by them, you MUST do whatever is needed in order for your sessions to be successful, as Dani Marie will do her part, The Heart Centered Collective will do their part and you must do your part as well, if needed/ required, otherwise the healing will not work. After she has completed your channeling session, she will email/ text you a transcribed copy for your reading and review. Once you have received the transcription, you can order and make your payment for your QEIHT session on the website. Please note, if requesting a session for someone other than yourself, please make sure they are open to this. They must be open to receiving the healing in order for it to work due to the Law of Free Will. If you are unable to get their permission for this, the channeling should be able to address whether the person is open to receiving the session and you will be notified of the outcome. ***IF ORDERING THE QEIHT EXPERIENCE PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS CONSULTATON IS REQUIRED PRIOR TO THAT***

Cancellation Policy

No refunds for cancellations and rescheduling is based on availability.

Contact Details

+ 8576262783

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