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Weight Gain Support Bracelet:


Moss Agate: Works like a miracle for gaining weight and repairs internal problems that contribute to loss of weight.


Hematite: grounding stone known to realign chakras to boost weight, slows the metabolism of the wearers body appropriately to gain weight


 Carnelian: works on weight gain (just as it does with weight loss) by stabilizing the hormones in the body. corrects hormonal secretions and flushes out toxins that disrupt proper digestion.


 Rose Quartz: Because most people with a weight problem (in this case too little weight) usually have an issue with self-love and self-acceptance they are all often much too down on themselves, Rose Quartz helps to raise healthy self-respect and acceptance by elevating their vibrational level to a more acceptable level.

Weight Gain Support

SKU: 7776
  • Start your healing journey today with our Loving Kindness Reiki & Jewelry line. Your body will thank you!

    Our jewelry is infused with healing Quantum Energy and Prana that will work to vitally heal and make energetic Quantum Energy flow.

    Crystal healing is an alternative medicine technique that employs crystals and other stones as conduits for natural healing energy. 

    They are made with AAA very high-quality gemstones, due to the purpose of the healing qualities of each stone, which after being made into the bracelet or necklace, are then infused with Quantum Energy & Prana needed to assist with the healing of that particular ailment or issue the jewelry is for.

    Each one is made by hand with love and includes our signature logo charm. 

    Please be aware that our images are for information purposes only, as a natural product their appearance and color may vary from the images shown.

     Also, due to each bracelet being uniquely and custom made, it will be created based on the vibration of the wearer and its purpose, and as such the design may change a bit, but will still be fabulous! 

     This jewelry line is unique and much different than any you will find out there, because they don’t just LOOK good on you, but actually help and assist in your healing journey as well.

     There is no other jewelry line on the market like this one, due to the healing energy placed in them being channeled through Dani Marie, who infuses the crystals with this amazing healing energy that has helped so many humans with their healing. 

    Each bracelet comes packaged in its own high-quality pouch to place your bracelet in when not being worn, an information card that provides a description of the stones’ meanings or purpose and cleansing and care instructions.

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