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Start your healing journey today, your body will thank you!

The perfect gift for yourself and/or a loved one in need!


Crystals and Gemstones are each unique and beautiful in pattern.

Please be aware that our images are for information purposes only, as a natural product, their appearance and color may vary from the images shown.


 Also, due to each bracelet being uniquely and custom made, it will be created based on the vibration of the wearer and its purpose, and as such the design may change a bit, but will still be fabulous!


Our Loving Kindness Reiki & Jewelry line is infused with healing Quantum Energy and Prana that will, where needed, work to vitally heal, making energetic Quantum Energy flow, helping energy crystals unlock the key to flowing energy through the body.


Crystal healing is an alternative medicine technique that employs crystals and other stones as conduits for natural healing energy.


They are made with AAA very high-quality gemstones, due to the purpose of the healing qualities of each stone, which after being made into the bracelet or necklace, are then infused with Quantum Energy & Prana needed to assist with the healing of that particular ailment or issue the jewelry is for.

As a result of this, pricing may vary slightly based on the types of crystals need and used for that particular type of bracelet.


Each one is made by hand with love and includes a logo charm. You do not have to worry about the crystals being imitation, plastic or glass beads like so many make them with today and try to pass them off as real genuine crystals and gemstones.


This jewelry line is unique and much different than any you will find out there, because they don’t just LOOK good on you, but actually help and assist in your healing journey as well.

There is no other jewelry line on the market like this one, due to the healing energy placed in them, being channeled through Dani Marie, who infuses the crystals with this amazing healing energy that has helped so many humans with their healing.


Each piece is carefully packaged with love and includes a crystal description card, thank you card with a coupon for your next purchase, and a Jewelry care instruction card, to guide you in keeping them at their best.

It is highly advised to cleanse and clear them every so often as crystals and gemstones can pick up other non-welcoming energies as well.

No one should touch your jewelry pieces also, so as not to infuse their energy within them as they are specifically programmed to the person it is meant for.


Each stone is cleansed, smudged and charged with sage, Infused with Quantum Energy and Prana and programmed by Dani Marie.

Each Bracelet comes beautifully packaged in its own box and high-quality pouch to place your bracelet in when not being worn.

Breastfeeding/ Lactation Support

SKU: 7705
  • Blue Chalcedony: Helps relieve inflammation of the breast, easing the first flow into the milk ducts & stimulates milk production. Encourages the flow of fluids & reduces edema.

    Sodalite: Helps stimulate the mammary glands, producing more milk, supports the energy of breastfeeding your baby.

    Moonstone: Eases breastfeeding problems, helps in attuning to the normal rhythms of ones body. Helps balance hormones after childbirth & during breastfeeding.

    Jade: Promotes healthy milk production in nursing mothers & can help reduce swelling, promotes healthy lactation & helps to ease fatigue that often comes with breastfeeding.

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